Hire a French-speaking virtual assistant for your company !

Do you want to expand your market in the French-speaking countries ? Do you have customers who need French speakers to help them in their daily work? Are you looking for a French-speaking virtual assistant for your company ? votreassistantvirtuel.com can provide you a French-speaking virtual assistants with strong competences and skills at an affordable cost. Discover here why you should hire your French-speaking virtual assistant at vavremoteworkers.com!

Why a virtual assistant ?

Working with virtual assistants has become a common practice in many companies around the world. As technology evolves, international firms multiply, the market expands and new demands, sometimes not always obvious, arise. Companies sometimes have to call on assistants for time-consuming tasks.

These tasks are mainly online. Most often, administration, communication and marketing, community management and writing tasks are the main tasks that companies are delegating to virtual assistants.

It is precisely this solution of delegating tasks to competent people on the Internet that virtual assistantship proposes.

In vavremoteworkers.com, we are hiring French-speaking people in low-cost French-speaking countries. For example, Madagascar, which is located in the Indian Ocean. This alternative is an accessible solution, in terms of human resources as well as in terms of costs.
These virtual assistants can speak English, but can also provide content in French as well as communicate with French-speaking customers. So why don’t you give it a try ?

Low-cost and flexible

The cost of virtual assistance services depends on the country and the services you require. In general, French-speaking virtual assistants residing in France, Belgium or Switzerland are expensive. In French-speaking African countries, costs are much lower, while work is of good quality with competent and experienced people.

With a little research and networking, and if you need to hire an assistant who lives in a French-speaking African country - and this is often an interesting option - you'll be able to find an excellent resource for an affordable rate $3 to €5 per hour, for example, for managing your customer support. It should be noted, however, that the higher the price, the better the quality of the work provided.

In terms of flexibility, our virtual assistants are people working on a monthly contract. It is up to you to decide whether they should continue or stop, as needed, at the end of the month. It is good to know that virtual assistants charge for their services per hour, others charge by task or project. Some also agree to negotiate a flat price for a specified number of hours.

Excellent French language skill

The French-speaking virtuals assistants in votreassistantvirtuel are fluent in the French language. For example, the Malagasy virtual assistants are speaking and writing French as good as a native speaker. You can also find virtual assistants with a very good level of French in countries like Madagascar, Cameroon, Congo. These mentioned countries were former French colonies.

There are also French-speaking remote workers in the Island of Reunion, which is a French department in the Indian Ocean, but they are more expensive.

Operational and graduates of major universities

At vavremoteworkers.com (VAV), our virtual assistants have strong academic skills, as they are all graduates of major universities in their countries, with recognized degrees, ranging from the Bachelor's degree to the Master's degree, in a field related to the work the customers are going to entrust to them with. Any field can be accommodated : marketing, human ressources, management, finance, administration, communication, informatics…


In addition to all these skills worthy of a good Vitae Curriculum, these French-speaking virtual assisntants are professional: they work in a calm environment, they are rigorous, methodical, flexible and open. They can work with any type of client and company.

Once you have decided to hire a French-speaking virtual assistant, you can contact our offices which are located in different places.

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